Schooler planet


  • The Schooler Planet, a project of the European Outdoor Education Hub, is an innovative education program promoting outdoor education and sustainable living practices in kindergartens and primary schools in Greece and beyond.

  • The project aims to address the disconnection between students and the natural world while providing hands-on learning experiences that foster environmental awareness, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Implementation of the Schooler Planet

The Schooler Planet is designed to be easily implemented in public and private schools, with a focus on creating sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and inclusive outdoor classrooms.
We offer a range of educational activities, including outdoor education programs, sustainable living workshops, and customized curriculum design, all tailored to the unique needs and goals of each school.

Empowering Teachers & Students

Through the Schooler Planet, we empower teachers to take their students outside while still meeting national curricular goals and addressing issues related to climate change and global warming.

We provide ongoing support and professional development for teachers, as well as opportunities for students to engage with local experts and community members engaged in environmental and social issues.

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